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A one-stop facility for film owners and guardians of archives - for us it's all about the preservation, restoration and future presentation of your content.

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Filmfinity is a specialist film and television restoration laboratory, a very experienced team of highly qualified restorers, aiming to offer the very best archival quality solution. With a choice of custom made photochemical and/or digital facilities, our professionals always provide the optimum result for each individual project.


We can handle any film ......

Among our services, we are able to care for all types of film in any condition, including nitrate and decomposing acetate, as well as all obsolete formats, where our services may  include up to 10K scan, printing,   colour correction, manual cleaning and   emulsion chemical treatment, digital   restoration and sound restoration.

Our profound understanding of film, sound and digital image technology allows us to restore deteriorated audio-visual material to FIAF and FIAT standards,ensuring a final, tailor-made product of the highest quality.

The range of our services


We can scan up to 10K resolution in all formats, including Vistavision

Full Restoration

We offer both digital and film quality checking of image and sound elements.


In our Italian facilities we are able to store all type of films under a controlled condition environment

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John Pegg

Restoration and Archive Consultant

Maurizio Cisterna

CEO and Founder

Tom Barrett

Restoration Specialist

Marie Fieldman

Film Technician

Alessandro Pelliccia

Senior Colourist

Clayton Baker

Restoration Specialist

Alan Penn

Film Technician

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