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The last decade saw an increasing in the ability of transfer from analogue technology onto digital without loss in quality and benefiting from the correction of problems such as colour fading, image unsteadiness and printed dirt with incomparable quality.


We can scan up to 10K resolution in all formats, including Vistavision, using specially modified film transport that can handle shrunken film safely. We also have liquid gates to eliminate scratches during scanning. Because we have such a strong background in film, we are able to ensure your film is prepared, cleaned, rewashed or polished as necessary before scanning thus reducing the time spent in digital restoration. Our labs have ARRI SCAN, SPIRIT 4K, ALDBRECHT, QUADRA TELECINE, NORTHLIGHTS, SPIRIT CLASSIC, DIRECTOR LASER G.

Quality Checking

We offer both digital and film quality checking of image and sound elements.


With years of experience handling Nitrate material we are able to offer our clients the full range of preservation & restoration services. We are also able to provide consultancy on the best way to manage Nitrate stock


We can produce 4k Filmout using ArriLaser in Color or B/W.

Need to digitize any content ?

Have any content on film which needs digitizing to be commercially distributed ?