Because your masterpiece should never get lost


Filmfinity always challenges the excellence benchmark in the field of Film restoration, aiming always to work in the top possible quality level.

Full Historic Research

We offer both digital and film quality checking of image and sound elements.


Based on existing documentation, using the best sections of the available film elements to reconstruct the original film timeline.

Preparation for Scanning

We will repair the film elements to protect them of any damages during cleaning and scanning. Hand and ultrasonic cleaning of the selected film elements.

Digital Restoration

After scan with the best possible scanner, for each individual project requirements, we offer services of digital restoration both automatic and manual to remove film deterioration marks as well as dust busting colour correction and unsteadiness.


From the archival quality flat scans we can produce variety of outputs among others DCP’s, web formats and movie formats as ProRes and MP4. Data can also be wrote on tapes like LTOs and other tape formats if required. We can also make filmouts using an Arri Laser film recorder capable of up to 4k resolution products.

Need to bring back to life any old Film ?

Got any film element looking bad ? any feature which smells acid ?

It may not be too late to recover the content and create a sparkling Master out of it